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The Centre for Culture & Creativity is a ‘think and do’ tank, researching and leading on cultural programmes and creativity. It acts as a dynamic force, generating new conversations, collaborations and creative journeys.


The Centre is a home and catalyst for new approaches to cultural and creative programmes. These programmes are underpinned by world-class research and result in everyday impact for places, people, policy and practice, in Lincolnshire and beyond. The C4CC is part of the University of Lincoln’s commitment to, and investment in the civic and cultural life of the county, and the national and international conversation on creativity.


Our mission is to ignite ambition and unleash potential by:

Our mission continues to develop as we get to know the spaces and places we are working in, as new ideas and issues emerge. Working with different communities we co-create new knowledge and practice which informs our mission and has an impact on policy at a local and national level.

What we do

Our work aims to deepen understanding of cultural and creative practices. It asks what role they play in making better places, in both our towns and cities, coastal and rural areas. It considers the impact of culture, heritage and creativity on people, places and communities. Rooted in Lincolnshire, our work has national reach through our cultural programmes and research results.

At the Centre, our focus is on creating knowledge at a local level which will be impactful at a national level. We champion creativity of all forms, and celebrate Lincolnshire’s distinctive culture and heritage across the region and at a national level. That could be by developing an app with the RAF for their 100th anniversary, supporting samba classes in Boston or putting the work of Lincolnshire artists on lorries that travel the length and breadth of the country.

Real-world impact is at the heart of what we do, from widening access to cultural opportunities for local people, to supporting the development of the creative industries or nurturing creative thinking in corporations or government.

Impact areas include:

Projects and distinctive research connecting academics with the arts, cultural, creative, and community sectors, local government, policy makers, and the public – presented in a way that anyone can read and use.

Knowledge, evidence, resources, projects, and action which influence policy and placemaking

Student engagement through culture and creativity adding value to teaching, learning and the student experience

Employability initiatives which support students into creative business and careers in the arts and cultural sector

Co-created knowledge and practice which can shape new projects, products, services, markets, customers and audiences across the cultural, creative, and community sectors

New partnership projects and joint ventures demonstrating how locally-owned arts, cultural, creative, and heritage activity strengthens and empowers people, places, and communities

New investment for both research, and cultural and creative programmes

Innovation support through the creation of new spaces and places in which to develop, innovate and test ideas

The Centre’s programme reaches from the local through to the global, through partnership-building, strategic brokerage, fundraising and resource development, project design, development, and delivery, networking, influencing, and hosting projects and initiatives.

We host conferences and symposia to bring thinkers together around some of the most important issues in arts & culture today, we lead on cultural programming which provides test beds for new research and we connect in to the student and academic body within the University to cascade knowledge and opportunities.

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