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Hi, I am Samantha Lindley
Director of Programmes, Threshold Studios

Sam is Director of Programmes at Threshold Studios and is responsible for making sure creative projects happen on time and on budget. An experienced arts production manager, Sam leads the production of festivals within the East Midlands and beyond. She also leads the delivery of talent and development schemes and internship opportunities for the next generation of creatives.

About Sam

Sam is one of three Directors at Threshold Studios, a key partner of the Centre which delivers Frequency Festival and the RADAR graduate talent development scheme. Throughout her 12 years with Threshold Studios, Sam has lead projects with young people across the region using a variety of art forms, installed art exhibits in a plethora of spaces, ended up locked in a venue, solved countless problems (see point before), produced many schedules and project ideas, as well as extended their networks of freelance artists, filmmakers, practitioners and experts.

She continues to grow partnerships with other agencies and organisations to increase the reach and impact of their work alongside Threshold’s, as well as to deliver new opportunities and programmes.

About Threshold Studios

Threshold Studios are UK-based media arts producers and educators. They are a social enterprise committed to talent and skills development in all that they do. Threshold Studios has been producing new media art since 1998, with specialisms in moving image, digital and emerging technologies. They also produce and curate high-quality, no barriers festivals with a commitment to democratising arts engagement. Their aim is to enable those who might not regularly attend gallery spaces to experience surprising and playful art with meaning, and relevance to their lives.

As educators the Threshold Studios team foster new talent and devise initiatives to offer routes into the arts and media industries, with a particular focus on those from diverse backgrounds and those who are currently under-represented in these industries.

They also play a strategic role in the development of the arts and creative industries, mentoring individual artists and creative organisations through periods of change or development. They work with Universities, businesses, and local authorities to design creative projects that engage both existing communities and new audiences.