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Sophie Rogers: A Confused Mass – Launch

A virtual world of trees and mountains in pretty blues, greens and pinks
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24 Oct 2019


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Sophie Rogers: A Confused Mass – Launch

In August 2019 artist Sophie Rogers was invited to undertake a short summer residency with Mansions of the Future, resulting in a new digital commission which will feature on our website and social media, to coincide with Frequency Festival 2019.

The new work is launched on 24th October and MotF invite you to view it.

Rogers has been researching the concept of ‘worlding’. Sophie uses digital software including Cinema 4D and Unreal Engine to create navigable simulations of imagined places and scenes, often inspired by world-building practices found in sci-fi.

Her latest work for Mansions of the Future combines simulations of alternate realities with research into Donna Harraway’s writing on the Chthulucene.

Rogers has exhibited at the Stanley Picker Gallery, Barbican Centre, Tate Modern as part of Offprint London with Self Publish Be Happy and again with Future Late; the opening of the Switch House.

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